If you have purchased a SmartAlbums 1 or a SmartAlbums 2 perpetual license in the past, meaning that you've paid a one-time fee for SmartAlbums 1 and/or SmartAlbums 2, you will receive a 40% discount while purchasing a subscription to SmartAlbums 2019. This 40% discount will be locked into your chosen plan forever. 

How to Upgrade at the Discounted Rate

To upgrade at 40% off, simply visit our pricing page here and make sure the
"I own a SmartAlbums perpetual license" option is checked so that you see upgrade pricing:

When subscribing to SmartAlbums, make sure to use the same Pixellu Account that is linked to your existing SmartAlbums purchase in order to receive the discounted rate. 

Note: The discounted upgrade pricing is available until the end of 2019, so don't miss out!

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